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Looking for online couples therapy with an expertise in autism or ADHD?

Reach out to us for (online) couples therapy as part of autism/ASS or ADD/ADHD treatment. You can also contact us for regular couples therapy if neither of you have an existing diagnosis.

If an ADHD or Autism diagnosis does not apply to either of you, but perhaps other psychological issues that affect your relationship and fits within our specialisations, you are more than welcome to contact us. You may contact us here to find out more about our specialisations.

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When to choose Couples Therapy (Autism / ADHD)ADHD

You relationship began with intense love, and developed into a deep sense of connection. But someone so close to you can also cause intense emotional pain and sorrow. A relationship is never without highs and lows and you may get stuck in negative patterns. When stress and emotions run high you are unable to view and understand eachother on an objective level. You react out of hurt and the emotions that come with this.

You get stuck in a pattern of miscommunication, negativity and misunderstanding. Underlying wants and needs can’t be properly expressed. Your connetion is gone and you don’t know how to react to eachother normally. When one or both partners have autism/ASS or ADD/ADHD it can greatly affect your relationship. When you notice that your relationship has been costing you more energy than it gives for a long period of time, or there are recurring conflicts or problems, it would be adviced to speak to a therapist.

Getting couples therapy is adviced when you recognize one or several of these issues:

  • You experience personal issues due to the problems in the relationship
  • Your partner also suffers from the problems in the relationship
  • You have been diagnosed with autism/ASS or ADD/ADHD or suspect this may be a reason for the problems in your relationship
  • You keep getting stuck in the same discussions and arguments
  • You have children who suffer due to your relationship issues
  • The feeling of connection in your relationship is disappearing or is completely broken
  • You feel like your partner does not understand you and you can’t figure out how to fix it

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What effect can couples therapy (Autism / ADHD) have on your relationship?

The starting point of couples therapy autism / AD(H)D at Bzonder is to repair and strengthen the emotional connection between you and your partner. We take into account the special circumstances and effects AD(H)D and autism can have on your relationship. The goal is that you can both be yourselves, learn to communicate better and (re-)discover the emotional connection. You will both feel stronger and more secure in your relationship.

How does couples therapy (Autism / AD(H)D) work?

Your trajectory starts with an intake and (if applicable) with a psychological assessment. What is the current situation, what have you already tried and what is your goal? What are the strengths and weaknesses in your relationship?

Starting couples therapy (Autism / AD(H)D) can be quite intense, with mulitple regular appointments. After a while the number of session decreases. The sessions take place online.

During the couples therapy we look for negative patterns of communication that have developed between you. Beneath intense reactions, such as anger or withdrawing, other emotions are usually hidden such as pain and loneliness. These milder emotions are lost beneath intense ones, meaning they’ve become invisible. By discovering these underlying emotions we can clearly pinpoint where the pain really comes from and what both partners’ actual needs are. By communicating these needs towards one another you can find a way back to eachother.  In this next phase we focus on strengthening or and/or increasing this connection between you. By doing assignments during and outside therapy sessions, you will work on insight and changing the dynamics between you. Due to the importance of learning new patterns, it’s important that you also do these assignments at your own time. This way you will learn to avoid falling back into old negative patterns.

At Bzonder we work with i.e. Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT). EFT is aimed at underlying emotions and the needs of you and your partner. You learn to understand eachothers’ emotions better. The type of coaching is adapted to your needs and goals.  More often than not, we use a combination of methods.


Why Bzonder

At Bzonder we focus a lot of attention on who you are as a human being. Bzonder consists of a team of enthousiastic professionals with experience in coaching, training and treatment. Not just based on a diploma, but from expertise gained while working within psychological health care. This means you don’t just get ‘a coach’, but a professional who knows exactly what they’re talking about. Bzonder is specialised in diagnosing and coaching clients with autism and ADHD/ADD. Together we want to make relationships more fun and enjoyable.


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