Illness Absenteeism / Sick Leave Reintegration Trajectory (Eerste Spoor)

Sick Leave Reintegration Trajectory (Eerste Spoor): The fastest sustainable solution for sick leave due to psychological problems.

Psychological problems are the main reason for long-term absenteeism. Employees get overwhelmed and burnt out by work- and private situations, or are unaware of underlying pscyhological issues. We also often see empoyees who relapse after initial issues, when only a short treatment has been done in a reintegration trajectory or the underlying issues that caused the absenteeism have not been discovered. In practice, a cheap and quick fix will only cause the problems to reoccur or drag on longer than needed; sustainable employability needs sustainable solutions.

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Getting your employee support from one of our specialists is adviced if you recognize one or more of the following:

  • Your employee is (again) absent due to psychological issues
  • You are concerned about your employee, or it seems like they are always on edge
  • The employee is increasingly ending up in conflicts with others
  • You suspect your employee has AD(H)D or autism
  • You worry the employee may be nearing a burn-out or it isn’t the first time they have had a burn-out
  • Your employee is motivated,  but fails to meet the job requirements
  • The employee can’t seem to change their behaviour, despite receiving feedback
  • Your employee has had a burn-out before and you observe the same pitfalls that led to it in the first place
  • You want support that focuses on collaboration, good employership and good employeeship
  • Your employee’s problems seem to lie deeper than what could normally be solved with a generic development trajectory

Do you recognize one or more of these statements? Contact us. Treatment takes place fully online. 

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What effect does an (eerste spoor) reintegration trajectory have?

The treatment during a reintegration trajector ensure your employee has more insight into their triggers and enablers for the experienced problems and sick leave. We look for the cause of the pressure and how it can be dealt with, so that reintegration and possibility to resume work is possible. We may also visit the workplace and contact colleages, the occupacional physician that has dealt with the sick leave and/or the manager. It can also be combined with job coaching. Our goal is for the employee to return to work as soon as constructively possible, and to strive to whereby both the employer and the employee benefit from the resumption of work or changes made.

All employees are welcome; we are experts in burnout, AD(H)D and autism -related issues.


How does the sick leave reintegration trajectory work?

Treatment plans in a reintegration trajectory are customized based on talks with the employee and employer. We start with an intake (possibly also: advanced diagnostics), whereafter a treament plan can be developed. Often an (online) workplace visitation is part of the trajectory, so that we can fully understand the professional environment and can have personal contact with colleagues and/or manager. The treatment sessions take place online, so that the employee gets peace and privacy. We work with clearly framed session packages (8-12-16-20 sessions) that can be extended according to your wishes. If you wish, consultations with the occupational physician or manager can be scheduled for questions and advice on how to properly deal with the issues at hand and how to best support the employee.

During treatment in a reintegration trajectory, the first phase is focused on recovery, insights and strengthening the employee. They will have an active role in the reintegration and are an equal collaboration partner within the trajectory. When the employee’s capacity has been sufficiently resotred and there is enough insights, the next focus is reintegration into work (job coaching). Questions like: “Which changes are necessary at home and/or at the work place?”; “How can the employee build back to full recovery?”; “What does the employee need, what does the organisation need, and what agreements are necessary?”

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Workplace visitation as part of the treatment plan

Has your employee started a treatment trajectory with Bzonder? The treatment specialist at Bzonder may visit the workplace as part of the trajectory. This visit my be valuable to inspect whether the work environment fits their needs.

The workplace inspection can also be issued by the employer. Bzonder can set a meeting with the employer (max. 5 people). This meeting is aimed at giving advice and resources and to explain the process behing the employee’s trajectory. The goal is to be able to better understand and facilitate eachothers needs. The meeting lasts at maximum 1.5 to 2 hrs.


Why choose a Bzonder reintegration (eerste spoor) trajectory for sickness absenteeism*?

Bzonder has specialised psychological expertise and understands the business side of absenteeism due to illness. We aim for balance between focused work and sustainability where we do not offer the quickest, but the fastest sustainable solution. An inadequate quick-fix only ensures a quick relapse, which affects both parties negatively. In practice we often see that other therapists with less experience offer quick treatment plans with the result of reintegrating the employee before they are ready. For some issues this may work, but often the actual psychological problems are missed, resulting in a relapse, and a higher cost of treatment due to multiple failed attempts. That is why Bzonder focuses on treating the psychological and practical enablers, while honoring both the wishes of the employer as well as the employee to maintain and build a good working relationship. Thereby we can often combine trajectories with private coaching from subsidised budgets, to ensure the employee gets extra support to improve mental stability and the trajectory is deemed more effective.

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